Marian Ulc was born in year 1947 in a small village, called Szałas (a hut), in Poland. The peasant family, in which he grew up, earn their bread also as coopers. This is were the fondness in working with wood may come from. This, combined with a talent and a need for expression, resulted in the passion of life, which the sculpture became.

To sculpture began he already as a young man. Not having any formal artistic education all, he may be described as an autodidact. For over 40 years of work he developed a specific style, of which most characteristics features are precision and care for detail, visibly distinctive at his works.

For work he uses an old workbench, which his father used for production of wooden shingles, a set of knives and chisels and a range of other tools, drills, axes, etc. From lime and poplar wood sculptures are created. Later they obtain a colorful polychrome. At the end they are covered with a bee-wax, constituting a waterproof layer, a footprint of the artist

Inspirations come from everyday life - Weddings and Musicians, form nature - birds, trees with animals. Yet also the religious motive are often themes of the works - angels, nativity scenes.

Today Marian Ulc is regarded as a prominent representative of the art movement, described as folk art or naive art. His works were received with great interest, especially in Germany. The consequence were numerous exhibitions, in Berlin, Cologne, Nuremberg, Bremerhaven. Apart from that also in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

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